On a mission …

Dear Friends,
The Lola Mercedes Parker Foundation for the Economic Empowerment of Business and Professional Women (LMPF) is committed to the professional development of youth and women within our communities. We are invested in overcoming the societal and cultural barriers, to success, that they face and to successful recognition of their potential. Furthermore, we seek to transform that potential into dynamic energy that ensures a thriving community.

Critical components…

We believe that leadership, entrepreneurship, education, and technology are just four of the critical components to the success of our communities. We believe that these components are the building blocks of our key objectives which can be achieved through strategic partnerships with public and private entities, as well as, local community businesses. Though LMP Foundation is at the beginning stages of its journey, the organizations administrative requirements have been met. We are incorporated, complete with, 501-C (3) tax exempt status, in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

Partner with us…

As support for our aims, goals, and initiatives, around the country, continues to grow, there is still more to accomplish. We need your support, your ideas, and your partnership.

Stephanie Dilworth

Stephanie Dilworth
Chairman of the Lola Mercedes Parker Foundation