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Dorothy White


Mrs. White received her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Jackson StateUniversity and her Master of Education in Early Childhood Advocacy Educationfrom National Louis University. During her thirty-three years as an educator,she taught First Grade, Kindergarten and Tuition-Based Prekindergarten At Bouchet, she served on many committees, including the CurriculumCommittee, Professional Problems Committee, Quality Review Team, QuestProposal and Planning Team and the Primary Thematic Program DevelopmentCommittee. As a member of the Quest Team, she helped to write Curriculum Prototypes for the QuestCenter.


She also worked as a teacher in the Y.I.P.P.I.E Drug Prevention Program and helped to establish the Male Mentoring Group as a part of that program. As a member of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., she served in many capacities on the local, regional andnational levels. Mrs. White believes that building a foundation for generational wealth will help toempower the African American community.

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