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Empowering The Black Community

Amidst the bustling narrative of progress, the Black Community still grapples with challenges that touch the core of well-being: from selfcare to quality physical and mental health, comprehensive education, to vast opportunities for fruitful careers and innovative entrepreneurship. But in these challenges lie opportunities, and The Lola Mercedes Parker Foundation for the Economic Empowerment of Business and Professional Women (LMPF) is steadfast in harnessing them.

Our endeavor? A transformative journey of economic prosperity called Empowering The Black Community.

LMPF is more than a foundation; we're a beacon, lighting the path of overcoming societal and cultural barriers. We champion the untapped potential within every individual, aiming to channel it into a force of dynamic energy — the kind that builds thriving communities.

To learn more about the Empowering The Black Community program, click on the flip book below.

Download Application

  • Is this one $1,000 grant or multiple grants?
    It really depends upon what you are planning to do. These are meant to be competitive grants. Amount should be what you need, so it could be $1,000 or $100.
  • Are there any stipulations as to how the money is to be spent?
    Must address one of the 4 pillars: Health, Career, Education & Finance Must be an interactive program or workshop spearheaded by a chapter or a non-profit community partner.
  • If a Soror has a nonprofit, can she apply for her nonprofit?
    The non-profit would need to apply.
  • Are there any written stipulations they can receive in writing? Who do we contact if we have questions?
    Contact Pamela Paige- or Stephanie Dilworth- All grants must be approved in advance Programs must have a start date after December 1, 2023 Affiliates and other nonprofits are encouraged to apply Budget must be included in grant application
  • Is there a guarantee to receive the funds for the first year or only the 2nd year?
    The guarantee is for year one, unless you specifically state in your application this is a 2-year project/program. You would receive funds one year at a time.
  • Is there a limit on the number of applications we approve?
    We are trying to maximize the funds across the nation, so it will really depend upon the amounts requested.
  • How many grants or how much money are you looking to award?
    We have $30,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation. LMPF will continue to fundraises and accept donations.
  • Do you need to reapply if you do not ask for the funds for two years?
    Your report would be very important in requesting an extension and it could be considered at that time.
  • What are the time frames again? When is the application due?
    Application due November 15th Programmatic time frame December 1- September 30
  • Do they have to provide information on partners they are working with?
    Any information should be in the application.
  • Is it only for chapters to submit? Can a Region apply?
    A region can apply but there must evidence/commitment that the full region is on board and participating.
  • Can you still get $1,000 if you have a partner?
    Short answer is yes but we would hope when working with a partner the partner will match funds we provide.
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